Being A Visionary Is Your Birthright?
(Excerpted from the Visionary Challenge)

Note: You're reading this article in conjunction with Power To Stand: A Course In Greatness (TM).  When the article speaks of vision, it refers generally to human consciousness and includes conscience. 

"Being A Visionary Is Your Birthright!"

Think of a wild stallion, a majestic lion, a magnificent eagle.  These great animals are born with certain powers that give them their "greatness."

Now think about human beings.  Our claim to greatness is vision.  Vision gives us confidence, power and purpose.  Vision gives us the power to venture into the unknown, to blaze new trails, to create what never existed before.

A man or woman without vision is like a great stallion without its legs, a lion without its roar, an eagle without its wings.

Take away any animal's natural power to guide and protect itself--take away its senses of sight, hearing and smell and what happens?

It becomes afraid, reactive, hesitant.  It no longer has its natural power to guide itself, and it will start seeking comfort and safety.  The once great animal will die a little more each day.

Now teach the animal that it is wrong to be strong, to be great, to act in accordance with its nature.  Punish the stallion for running free, the lion for roaring and the eagle for flying.

Before long, the once great animal is not just fearful, violent and reactive... now it also is ashamed of its power, ashamed of its natural greatness.

What would it be like to be such an animal?  Would your life become one of... quiet desperation?  

What gives human beings our natural greatness is Vision.  

Take vision away from a person, and even teach him that it is wrong to follow his or her vision.  And what happens?  

Some of us become fearful, self-doubting and timid.  Others become depressed.  Many of us seek to escape with addictions.  Others resort to anger, hatred, violence.  Some become irrationally selfish, doing things that hurt themselves and those they love.  Still others of us just never come to experience the deep inner peace and satisfaction they deserve.

But this is NOT "human nature."

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