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you say you want a revolution

yeah, we all want to change the world...

And never before has it been more... possibleNever before have we as individuals held such power to organize, to mobilize, to be heard, to cause change--in the palm of our hands!  Cell phones, lap tops, web cams--we have the outer technology.  

But what about the inner technology?  Gandhi brought an empire to its knees using inner technology--trust, vision, courage, compassion, inner strength, wisdom, etc.  Sadly, most of us know more about the latest gizmos and gadgets than we do those things!

Imagine a million webbed and wired Gandhis--uncompromising visionary self-leaders standing for a world that works for everyone--with the tools and skills to make it happen!  Now, there's a vision, eh?

                        shift your mind!

Right now, thousands of visionaries--people still crazy enough to believe we can change the world--are downloading new mental technology called Visionary Mind Shifts.  This is powerful inner technology stuff for visionaries:

  • New ways to think about change.  

  • New changes to the way you think.

  • New thoughts to change your ways.

  • And lots more...

You can join in, but be prepared for a radical rewiring of your neural network!  

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All of your information is kept 100% confidential.

P.S.  You'll also get a sneak peek at the new system we're developing to train one million visionaries for free starting in 2007.  Fun, people, fun!

(c) Vision Force Academy 2006. For more information, email info [at] visionforce [dot] com
or call 877-8-4HONOR (877-844-6667).

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