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  The iStand Experience

Are you ready to breathe new life into your vision--and change the world?

Very soon...

A maximum of 50 inspired leaders from around the world will unite in Austin, TX committed to facing everything and avoiding nothing as they stand for prosperity for all.  Will you be standing among them?

Why to apply now, even if you don't plan to attend anytime soon:

Completing the application process (free), will take you on a visionary journey and breathe new life into your vision immediately.  The process is designed to:

  • deepen your commitment to your vision

  • have you come to know yourself as a visionary (if you don't already) with the power to change the world around you

  • have others in your life see you as a visionary, and be inspired by who you are, and more.

  • have you determine whether the Prosperity For All iStand Experience is for you or not

When you enter your info below, you'll get to

  • Download an application to attend, and get free support.

  • Receive special audios, videos and stories about this revolutionary training. 

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